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Online Course

My healthy little

Learn everything you need
para cuidar a tus hijos llevando una alimentación

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Online Course

Starting my healthy

Learn everything you need
to start with your healthy lifestyle.

All the theory and yumminess
in one single place.

Step by Step

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Your teacher

Who am I?

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Emma Urdinola

Cali, Colombia

Passionate about healthy cooking and lifestyle. Daughter of God, wife and mother of 2. Marketing and International Business Professional. Health Coach certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York.

Complementary studies in preparation of healthy foods. I discovered a purpose in guiding others into a wellness lifestyle by establishing healthy habits, practicing self-awareness, and preparing nutritious and delicious meals.

Getting you to face your challenges with food, cooking and exercise -among others- are some of the successes that motivate me to continue doing what I do. I view nutrition holistically and firmly believe that it is the key to good health.


What will you learn with the course?

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My healthy little


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Be a Hotmart



Module 1: Healthy family

  The change… How to get started?

  Teamwork. A great strategy

  Our greatest ally: The example

  Too small for a chip change?

  RECIPE: Healthy Granola for everyone

  RECIPE: Healthy Granola for everyone

Module 2: Infant feeding

  What do the charts say?

  The truth is… What does my child really need?

  Adequate portions. Graphic explanation

  Foods my little kid should not eat

  RECIPE: Healthy Pizza

  RECIPE: Healthy Hot Dog

Module 3: Step by step towards an optimal diet

  Let's review your routines

  Small meals, big satisfactions

  We were not born learned

  Neither reward nor punishment: Food!

  Water vs juice

  RECIPE: foolproof flavored water: coconut water with lemon

Every meal counts: The value of lunch boxes. Quite a challenge!

  RECIPE: Crepes with almond butter and mango

  RECIPE: salmon fingers

Module 4: Prepared Adults = Healthy Children

  Planning: Let's not leave it to chance

  A grocery shopping list designed for children

  Storage tips that benefit the little ones in the house

  RECIPE: Nutritious Biscuits

  RECIPE: Potato and Chicken Fritters

Module 5: recipes for Little ones

  BREAKFAST RECIPE 1: Chicken and vegetable muffins

  BREAKFAST RECIPE 2: Hulk pancakes with blueberries

  LUNCH AND DINNER RECIPE 1: Turkey and vegetable bolognese pasta

  LUNCH AND DINNER RECIPE 2: Rainbow rolls with chicken and princess’ rice

  SNACKS RECIPE 1: Granola bars

  SNACKS RECIPE 2: Plantain chips with guacamole





What they say about our course

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No he vuelto a tener dolor estomacal, esa colitis terrible que me daba. Te lo agradezco montones. Gracias! De verdad que gracias a tu moticación porque aunque es difícil el cambio se puede lograr.
Julieth Linares:

Para mi ha sido un tema complejo el tema de innovar en la cocina, desde que tuve la oportunidad de tomar el primer programa con Emma, mi alimentación ha cambiado un 100%. Hoy le doy gracias, por entregar su conocimiento, muy profesional ya que es una persona académica y eso lleva a sus participantes a tomarlo muy en serio. La alimentación es una parte fundamental en la vida. Gratitud elegí la mejor coach
Lizeth Apolindar

Desde que empecé mi proceso con Emma. Comprendí perfectamente como funciona mi cuerpo, que tipo de comida consumo cuando tengo ansiedad, incluso como debía cuidarme para mis dos embarazos, lactancia, etcétera, pero sobre todo a leer mi cuerpo, mi digestión y mis emociones. no vivo dependiendo de dietas milagrosas ni ejercicios extremos. vivo libre de dietas y dando el mejor ejemplo a mi familia.
Alejandra Alfaro

Espero estés bien, y te envío un abrazo fuerte, no te conozco en persona, pero con tu labor has hecho un cambio en mi vida muy importante y te bendigo en tu labor, haces cosas que favorecen a muchas personas para bien, y con todo esto te llevo en mi corazón que Dios te bendiga en tu proceso.
Yohana Granados:

So remember

This course includes

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Permanent updates
By acquiring the course you will have permanent access -and at no additional cost- to all future updates that are made within Emmagik School. Remember that we are constantly updating all our courses.

Practical and strategic training
The methodology and structuring of the course contents are based on a step-by-step process so that you can discover, understand and get the most out of all our recipes and tips.

Access to exclusive groups: Facebook and Telegram
You will have free access to the private support group on Facebook where I will be available and you will be able to consult all your doubts and questions. Includes support by Emmagik School tutors in each lesson of the program.

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